Nikki on the Nile River with Actuality Media

About Nikki

Nikki Hausherr is a creative filmmaker who is always eager for new experiences.  She grew up in the woods of Connecticut and the beaches of New Jersey and then attended DePaul University in the windy city of Chicago.  She currently resides in Aspen, CO. Her passions are documentary and experimental filmmaking, specifically in the ares of directing and editing.  However, she has worn many hats in all stages of production and is very adaptive to different work environments.

Her love for filmmaking comes from her drive to amplify voices that are not always heard.  Nikki believes that everyone has a story, and she knows she has the necessary skills and unique mindset to convey those stories honestly.

As a loving people person, Nikki also thrives in event settings and enjoys creating videos and taking pictures to capture the joys of weddings, birthday parties, promotional events, etc.  When Nikki is not making films, she is extremely active doing yoga, hula-hooping, snowboarding, skiing, surfing, going to music festivals, and exploring.

Resume and references available upon request.


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